clean ingredients

Non-GMO blend of plant proteins and fibers

Our blend of plant proteins and fibers is designed to keep you full longer and promote gut health.

Zero artificial ingredients

We never have and never will use any artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors of any kind.


Sugar1g 14g
Protein4g 1g
Net Carbs5g 25g

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Catalina Crunch Keto-Friendly Sandwich Cookies


  • Yes! We can't speak for all kids but the kids who've tried Catalina Crunch love it. It's a great alternative to the sugary big brand cookie options.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2477 reviews
Sandy J. (United States)
Catalina Crunch Taste Tests

We ordered a 4 pak of the cookies. The Peanut Butter was not good at all. The Chocolate Mint was okay. The Vanilla is so so. We haven't started the Vanilla
yet. We won't be ordering again. They are all just kind of bland. Our Girl Scout cookies are a lot better.

Nadine D. (United States)
Totally Delicious and healthy

I’m a diabetic and I’m on a diabetic diet and an high fiber diet and I can’t eat a lot of food because it will spike my sugar up to over 200. I love all the flavors of Catalina Crunch cookies. The taste is so addictive, but don’t matter how much I eat my sugar doesn’t spike. It’s the perfect snack for my diabetic and high fiber diet. Can’t wait to try all the other food options Catalina has.

ERIC D. (United States)
These cookies are great!!

These cookies are awesome!!

Dale S. (United States)
Good snacks while on keto diet

I’ve been on the keto diet since the first of the year to lose holiday weight. One of my problems is to find a snack that will satisfy my sugar addiction without adding carbs and sugar as well as adding fiber. Theses cookies plus the catalinacrunch cereal fit the bill. As described in the ads the initial flavor is different but you get used to it. Having the variety pack helps. However, these cookies are fairly high in calories so you can’t stuff your self. Two a day is about right if you can discipline yourself to limiting the numbers. I also have the cereal two or three times a week to get my fiber without the sugar. I plan to keep using these snacks even after losing the weight to try to maintain my weight which has always been my downfall. I’ll see how it works.

Glenn C. (United States)

I purchased the mixture of all four cookie flavors. I like all of them. I do agree with the caution I received to be careful not to eat too many at a time.