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Nutrition Facts for Traditional 5-Pack
Nutrition Facts for Traditional 5-Pack
Nutrition Facts for Cheddar 5-Pack
Nutrition Facts for Cheddar 5-Pack
Nutrition Facts for Creamy Ranch 5-Pack
Nutrition Facts for Creamy Ranch 5-Pack
Nutrition Facts for Spicy Kick 5-Pack
Nutrition Facts for Spicy Kick 5-Pack

Clean ingredients

Non-GMO blend of plant proteins and fibers

Our blend of plant proteins and fibers is designed to keep you full longer and promote gut health.

Zero artificial ingredients

We never have and never will use any artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors of any kind.


Protein8g 2g
Fiber4g 1g
Net Carbs5g 23g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 996 reviews
Joan T. (United States)
Great snacks

I just received my cheddar flavor catalina crunch snacks, oh wow they taste awesome I wish my local stores would carry this cheddar cheese flavor. I saw this catalina crunch snacks on Facebook for months and finally decided to try it. It is very expensive and i know low carb foods do costs more than the junk foods I was eating. I will need to order more you got me hooked. Due to what my body has gone through with cancer treatments I can't handle spices to much have to be very careful of what I eat. This snack of cheddar cheese gives me no issues. I wish the cases where bigger than 5 bags but I also know that would cost alot more money. As my budget allows I will buy more.

Mary S. (United States)
Best Snack Ever

I loved the snack mix!! I also bought some of the cereal from Target & love it too! It really curbs your appetite!! Taste great!! Love the ranch favor & really want to try honey mustard favor. Next I am going to try the cookies. I have problem with glucose & looking for healthy snacks. Looks like I have found some new ones!! So far everything I have tried is Great!!!

julie b. (United States)
Julie b

Test is great. Over priced for the package size.

Debra G. (United States)
Satisfies the craving

Love the crunch of this snack mix. The pretzels are my fave with the hardest crunch. The soft nuts add great texture and the flavoring is very satisfying. When can I get this in stores? Love it!

Anonymous (United States)

Best snack ever