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Cecily R. (United States)
Love this product!

Ever since I first heard about Catalina Crunch, I loved the texture & the taste. I eat it as a snack, for breakfast or just because I love it. My 2 best kinds are Chocolate & chocolate peanut butter!

Corinne S. (United States)
Tastes great

Knowing it has a great taste and little sugar is the best thing. I’ll keep ordering these as long as I can

John R. (United States)
great product

This is my favorite flavor, but others are very good as well. Great to have an option with high protein and low carb to use for breakfast or snacks.

Glenn T. (United States)
Best Combo Ever

So glad they came out with this classic combo.

It lives up to the hype and best of all my wife enjoys it too.

SCOTT J.W. (United States)
An excellent low carb cereal with a great taste and a good crunch

I've tried several of the flavors. My current order consists of the chocolate banana, the chocolate peanut butter, and the fruit flavor. All three, It's hard to pick a favorite, but they all taste great, and have a satisfying crunch. It's hard to make them last until the next shipment arrives!