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Catalina Crunch Cheddar Cheese Bites (2-Pack)
Catalina Crunch Cheddar Cheese Bites, Keto Friendly, High Protein

Catalina Crunch Cheddar Cheese Bites (2-Pack)

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Catalina Crunch Cheese Bites are made from 100% Grass-Fed Cheddar. It is the ONLY ingredient. With less than 1g Total Carbs and 11g Protein it's a far better for you than that childhood classic.

Customer Reviews

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Love them

I am trying to stay on a keto low carb diet and these are great for snacks. They do not need to be refrigerated, they are 100% cheese. They are crunchy and for me sometimes if I am not chewing my food I do not get as satisfied, this works!

1 mo supply may not be enough!

Got the automatic monthly subscription in order to get the discount. Thought that I might have to cancel if the cereals started to stacked up. But I’ve been really enjoying snacking on this stuff, I’m almost out after two weeks. Might need to up my order quantity.

Tasty but crumbled

Got the cheese and the full pieces were yummy. As to be expected with this style of cheese snack. Unfortunately not sure if it was because I ordered so much or what, but they arrived as a mostly bag of crumbs. However I want to give a shoutout to customer service because they addressed my issue immediately and took care of me very professionally and quickly. So I have no issues with them at all. I would order again.

New cheese bites

Ther perfect quick crunchy snack on the go! Love them! It’s what I was missing!

Excellent crunch

Delicious and very satisfying!